Batt 10 Pic (002)UPS System Installation


Within any successful business providing a mission critical or a 24 /7 service, a resilient and clean power supply to its load equipment is crucial.

From running your servers to lighting up your premises, a reliable power supply is key in keeping the business active and effective.

Any kind of interruption or noise in your power supply tends to cost heavily for business in terms of damaged computer terminals, servers, active data systems and other sophisticated technology equipment.

The proven method to avert any such situation is to install a UPS power system to protect your facility.

Since our inception, we have helped many of our clients in the design and installation of UPS systems from 10KVA up to 4MVA, with clients including financial institutions, data centre operators, global carriers, healthcare institutions and airports across the globe.

Whether your business setup requires a small standalone UPS Power system or a full-fledged centralised system, our team will design, install and commission your interrupted power supply system.

Our UPS power installation features include:

  • Complete end to end installation
  • Timely maintenance
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Cost-effective technological solutions

We a Neutral Vendor with a very close association with all the leading UPS manufacturers. This insures you are only advised on the best unique solution to suite your individual requirements and you are not pushed a product from a single manufacturers product range


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