Battery Monitoring Solutions UK

Battery Monitoring

As power is central to any organisation’s efficiency and reliability, timely and proper monitoring of the DC system is necessary.
In today’s competitive business landscape, UPS systems are largely used to ensure uninterrupted power supply to crucial components. Therefore, battery monitoring becomes a requirment to keep this crucial system working and effective.

Mercury Power is a leading provider of battery monitoring solutions to a number of global companies. We have worked with our clients to ensure they do not incur unplanned outages on their critical power backup systems by early detection of any issues potential and actual of the DC element of their power back up.

We have been delivering power management solutions including battery monitoring in almost all the countries in the EMEA.

We offer IP based battery and Volt free monitoring systems that takes readings from each individual battery bloc at regular time intervals. These monitoring systems capture, process and store data from a variety of sensors and shows the results on a remotely placed dashboard. It offers unmatched accessibility of the DC system for the observer.

The alarm parameters are set at the time of assigning, ensuring the customer has the very earliest warning of any possible issues.

We are factory Accredited suppliers and installers of:

  •  Battery Daq
  •  Power Shield

Summary of measurements that can be recorded:

  •  Individual Battery Voltage
  •  Ambient Temperature:
  •  String Current:
  •  String Voltage:
  •  Individual Battery Impedance (Ohmic Value):
  •  Individual Battery Temperature:

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