Our specialist Generator team at Mercury Power as a collective have many years of Design and installation of both Military and Civilian large single and synchronised multiple generator sets.

We are experts with a proven track record of designing and installing Generator systems for the implementation into Data centre or Communications room critical power infrastructure. Our team will work with you to design the correct solution that works in harmony with your UPS, GLP and Cooling load, ensuring the system is not over specified with the resulting budget implications, but correctly sized to manage the load with ease.

Our in house Engineers are fully conversant on the full range of Deep Sea controller systems to facilitate site specific setup of the customers control systems.

Our Generator team have direct factory relationships with the leading manufacturers ensuring best lead time, best price and full support for your product.

We are experts in:

• Pump Sets
• Polishing Systems
• Drop Weight Fire Valves
• Bespoke Bunds
• Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems
• Exhausts Systems
• Fuel and Cooling Pipe Work Systems
• Steel Work
• Attenuation
• Ventilation
• Testing and Commissioning

Mercury Power also offer a maintenance, servicing and fuel replenish service for your existing generator.