All lifts used for evacuation use, must now must meet BS 9999 Annex G (fire regulations) and these lifts are intended to give priority for the evacuation of disabled persons when stairs are not an option. They allow the building management to evacuate disabled persons as the individual disabled person is not permitted to evacuate his or herself.
In the event of a power outage an alternative power supply is required – this is achieved by either a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), a standby generator or ideally a combination of both.
The Cables for the alternative power supply should also be separated from cables for the primary supply and should be routed through a low risk fire area. These power supplies should also be protected from fire for the same period as that given to the refuge area, i.e. 30 minutes. The lift in question must be provided with communication from the main floor to the car and to the machinery room.
We at Mercury Power Ltd have designed and installed a number of these systems for existing and new build projects.
Mercury Power Ltd utilising its direct purchasing from both the Generator and UPS Manufacturers, together with it’s in house NIC EIC certified installation team can offer highly competitive packages for your needs.