Battery Monitoring Solutions UK

We have recently been instructed by some of our larger, global customers that their battery monitoring product by choice is the Power Shield Monitoring Solution.

Power Shield is an IP based monitoring system developed by Mercury Power that takes measurements from each individual battery at 4 second intervals. The monitor captures processes and stores data from a range of sensors and depicts the results on a remotely entered dashboard unparalleled by any other product on the market. The alarm parameters are set at the time of commissioning, ensuring the customer has the very earliest warning of any potential problems.

We have now installed this product in almost every country in EMEA with some amazing results of early warning to, potentially, serious service affecting issues if they had not been detected in the early stages.

Overview of measurements recorded:

Individual Battery Voltage: Correct float voltage is critical for battery life. Incorrect charge voltages may result in loss of capacity, accelerated grid corrosion, excessive gassing and premature end of life.

Ambient Temperature: A battery’s life-span is normally specified at 20 or 25 degrees centigrade. Temperatures outside of the specified range can significantly affect the battery’s corrosion rate and therefore, the life of the battery up to 50% of its predicted life span.

String Current: String current monitoring measures the energy delivered or accepted by each battery string: this also allows detection of incorrect battery charging and any significant earth leakage faults.

String Voltage: Tracking the string voltage confirms the charger is on and performing correctly

Individual Battery Impedance (Ohmic Value): The impedance of a battery will increase with age. High impedance results in a battery that cannot supply the required current – its key task.

Individual Battery Temperature: Measuring the temperature of each battery allows the early detection of thermal runaway.