Use These Tips To Ensure A Longer Life Of Your UPS Batteries

The simplest and the most silent of hardware; a UPS power supply system is an inseparable part of server rooms, which protects the data centers from electrical interruptions.

All the conditions remaining positive, how long will the UPS batteries last? You could say about 3 to 5 years, depending upon numerous UPS traits. After this, you would rather not forbid UPS battery replacement services, if you wish to get uninterrupted services for your businesses.

But the fact is, positives are not easy to achieve. Who would not love to receive an extended service from their UPSs? And for this, there are certain tips that are to be inculcated with fairly immense concern. Have a look at these as you read along:

UPS Unit Placement:

Where did you place your UPS Unit? Is it at a place which allows proper ventilation? And do always get a positive feedback for the latter. UPS system should be placed at well-ventilated vicinity and there are various reasons for this.

As the batteries charge, they emit heat. This heat, if not ventilated properly, could cause a significant decrease in the lifespan of the batteries. But again, forbid its placement near windows which allow extensive moisture or dust. You would never love to see corrosion effects; would you?


You would like to hear ‘maintenance-free’ as their trait and this is what they are, unless they require a replacement fluid.

However, a clear UPS battery replacement and maintenance schedule would always prevent malicious downtime. Schedule testing periods and get substitutes for what fails.  If these are monitored or tested by software, ensure to ascertain the software updates. Keeping extra batteries could be handy, but do not be surprised if the unused batteries degrade over time.

Temperature Conditions:

As per the recommendations, the operating temperature for UPS batteries is between 68 and 77oF. Anything in between this is considered optimum and this also keeps your batteries working for a longer period.

Against this, though the batteries may work in any temperature, but be ready to experience a drain in their lifespan. Also, the more it gets beyond 77oF, the lesser your UPS batteries would last.


Under power failures, UPS needs no permission to switch to battery power. This is the process that ensures an optimum power to the attached equipment. Once the equipment receives the utility power, the UPS battery would recharge itself to prepare for the subsequent power outage.

Discharge-Recharge-Discharge and so on! Each time it gets a recharge, the battery experiences a slight decrease in its relative capacity. This is the cycle which needs your concern, so that it stays out of danger of being exhausted too early.

Batteries which serve you the longest are the batteries that receive proper maintenance. Use these simple tips to get a promise of longevity from your UPS batteries, or, be ready to call the replacement services to inform you this.


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