For a majority of small businesses, office space doesn’t remain a privilege. They need to manage with lesser space for various things including server room design, employee seating, and setting up other essential business components.

Though it is not too much difficult for people to manage with lesser space, but space might be a big concern for IT hardware such as servers. Let’s see how you can make the best use of space in regard to server room.

Rack them

When dealing with tight spaces, it is better to stack servers and other IT components on desks or shelves. This move would result into great space & cost savings. However, it is to keep in mind that it may affect the life your hardware due to overheating issues.

Ensure proper cooling

Dealing with high temperature in a server room design is a stiff challenge for IT managers. But for an office with confined space, it’s a surely a major element. Servers running in a congested, badly ventilated room can rapidly soar the thermometer into the red zone. Irrespective of the availability of enough space, do ensure that you don’t box your equipment too close and don’t forget to include some kind of cooling element.

Cable management

Data cable installation is inherent to any server room design. It managed correctly; it would cause lesser disturbance and hurdles and enable easy movement of professionals in the region. When designing your server room, make sure to bind cables together. It’s general to pack by server, and if required, pack those bundles together.

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