Designing and executing a data centre design from scratch is considered as a tedious and cumbersome process. There are various things that need to be considered, from well-established floor plans to secured IT infrastructure, carbon footprints and green credentials. This is why it is strongly recommended to maintain a data centre design checklist so as to avoid any miss outs while designing a value-centric data centre. Let’s start.


The first & foremost aspect to consider is to protect the facility. Do not forget including fire & smoke detectors along with flood detection/prevention measures and an option to manage humidity levels. Another important point not to miss is the arrangement of uninterrupted data centre powerin case of any power outages by installing back-up generators. This is undoubtedly a great way to keep your data centre more resilient and running.


There is a strong need for both physical as well as virtual security arrangements. These include staff security, data protection, and site security. You can consider various security processes at the design and planning stage to ensure a well-built structure.


In order to keep the data centre fully operational and running, there should be adequate cooling measures in place. It is very important to take necessary steps in the design phase itself so as to save time and cost. There are various data centre cooling options to choose from, some more cost effective and eco-friendly than others.


While implementing a sturdy data centre, it is a great idea to consider future likelihoods. Today, your business may need a certain size facility, but the requirement may go up in future. It is necessary to design the centre keeping this in mind. Do check whether you would be able to include more levels for additional equipment in case of augmented requirements.


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