•  Stuart Farmer

Having worked in the Critical Power and Data Centre arena for a little under 20 years I have seen many new technologies and market innovations come and go.  Always looking to increase the resilience and efficiency of the Mechanical & Electrical Systems and champion new technology.  I have found myself working with SME’s to some of the largest global companies on the planet to help design and implement their critical infrastructure.  Whether it is a few servers and switches in a rack to an HPC or a Large Data Centre the personal critical nature is the same, they should never go off line!!   It is all about offering the right solution that suits the specifics of the business we are supporting.

Having assembled a team to swap out their 2N+1 UPS Systems at a Global Credit Card Company the team were awarded the Data Centre Dynamics team of the year award a few years ago.  The slightest mistake would have made Global news!  A seamlessly executed project completed with precision.