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Battery Monitoring

As power is central to any organisation’s efficiency, timely and proper monitoring of power system is extremely necessary. In today’s competitive business landscape, UPS systems are largely used to ensure uninterrupted power supply to crucial components. Therefore, battery monitoring becomes necessary to keep this crucial system working and effective.

Mercury Power is a leading provider of battery monitoring solutions to various companies from small to large. Over the years, the firm has helped many of its clients prevent unplanned outages on critical power backup systems. We a partner of choice and have proven our capabilities all across the globe. Backed by tremendous research & training, we present ourselves as a certified reseller of the Power Shield product.

Since our inception, we have been delivering power management solutions including battery monitoring in almost all the countries in the EMEA. This has given us tremendous knowledge which further helps us in doing our job satisfactorily and successfully.

Power Shield

Power Shield is our signature IP based battery monitoring system that takes readings from each individual battery at the interval of 4 seconds. This monitoring system captures processes and stores data from a variety of sensors and shows the results on a remotely placed dashboard. It offers unmatched feasibility for the observer that makes it the best available solution today.

The alarm parameters are set at the time of assigning, ensuring the customer has the very earliest warning of any possible issues.

Summary of measurements recorded:

  • Individual Battery Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature:
  • String Current:
  • String Voltage:
  • Individual Battery Impedance (Ohmic Value):
  • Individual Battery Temperature:

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