Comms Room Design Service

To produce a great computer room design, an attention to detail is required to cater for your specific storage needs. Mercury Power has worked with many global clients to design and install efficient solutions. We have developed and deployed these comms room designs across EMEA. These IT environments undergoing comms design may be part of a WAN or a LAN. We work to develop the best solution, along with the best positioning of the required infrastructure allowing for future expansion considerations.

One of the fundamental aspects that must be considered is your physical location, growth is a common issue that can become problematic in a poorly designed environment. Other primary considerations during comms room design would be your hardware capacity, security and cabling for speed and flexibility.

We provide the end to end solution or a mixture of the core elements within your computer room design:

  • -48v DC
  • UPS Power
  • Air Conditioning
  • Server / Network Racks
  • Structured copper and fibre networks
  • Access control
  • Leak detection
  • Fire suppression
  • Remote monitoring and call out

Learn more about our comms room design services by calling us on 01737 821215
or emailing sales@mercurypower.net.