Mercury Power Standby Generator UK dedicated division with unparalleled experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of standby generators throughout Europe. Standby Generators design, implementation and maintenance team leaders have many years experience, most from their training with the British Armed Forces prior to the civilian arena.

The team offer permanent or a field based temporary systems, ranging from small domestic 5 KVA units right through to industrial multiple 1 MVA systems, the Standby Power Generator UK specialists.

Mercury Power are factory accredited with all the leading Generator manufacturers, this facilitates us to offer guaranteed unrivalled competitive prices and factory support for the products it sells.

Mercury Power as a neutral vendor will only recommend the correct generator system that suites your budget and technical requirements as we are not tied to any one manufacturer.

At Mercury Power, we design and install your standby generator solution for your critical load protection ensuring a correctly sized engine and alternator to deal with your harmonics and complex load profiles. Its paramount to correctly size to safely fulfil the load requirements but not over size with the resulting over budget implications on purchase and its operating costs.

Whether it is a large complicated requirement or a small straight forward domestic requirement, we offer expert and very competitive solutions.

Standby Generators UK capabilities include:

  • Secondary fuel tanks for long run time requirements.
  • Parallel of multiple systems.
  • Low noise specialised acoustic solutions.
  • Extended and complicated exhaust systems.
  • Full spectrum of remote monitoring of all parameters of the system.
  • Load bank testing.
  • In house certified cable calculations.
  • Full professional indemnity insurance to cover the design and installation.
  • In house factory trained and NIC EIC certified Engineers.

Our solutions include:

  • New generator systems design and implementation.
  • Generator sizing to deal with required loads.
  • Capacity planning, scalable solutions.
  • Installing new and old generators paralleled on the same bus.
  • Upgrading of out of date FG Wilson and SDMO control systems.
  • Integration of temporary hire generators to increase capacity.

Learn more about our standby generators by calling us on 01737 821215 or emailing Please quote ‘standby generators uk’ to your sales representative for specific information regarding this service.