Ensuring uninterrupted power always

Installing a standby power generator is arguably the most sought after way to meet power requirement in case of outage or in general. At Mercury Power, we completely understand the value of power in your life and provide cost effective standby generation solutions that tend to power up your life efficiently.

Be it a commercial requirement or a domestic one, our impeccable expertise in power management solutions ensure that you get uninterrupted power with minimum hassle. Our experienced engineers design and install standby generation for any critical load protection by using a correctly sized engine and alternator to match with the given load profile.

Quite, safe and trustworthy. Our standby generator solutions ensure that your essential systems operate until grid power is back. Our solution experts will visit your home or business and recommend, install and take care of everything to keep you prepared and running smoothly.

Our impeccable expertise in power backup solutions gives us a competitive edge in the industry. We have helped hundreds of our clients in the design, deployment and maintenance of standby generators throughout Europe

Our solutions include:

  • New generator systems design and implementation
  • Generator sizing to deal with essential load profiles
  • Capacity planning, scalable solutions
  • Installing new and old generators paralleled on the same bus
  • Upgrading of outmoded Wilson and SDMO control systems
  • Integration of temporary hire generators to enhance capacity

Have questions about our standby generator solutions? Call us today on 01737 821215 or email at sales@mercurypower.net. Please quote ‘standby generators UK to your sales representative for specific information regarding this service.